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Direct mail: advantages vs. disadvantages


Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of direct mail for a Public Relations Professional.

The advantages of direct mail is that you can send it to a targeted audience. You don’t have to waste time sending it to just everybody, but only people that will relate to what you are sending them. Also the personalization of direct mail. Direct mail is highly personalized. It is addressed to a specific person and then written to that person as well.

The cost of direct mail is also an advantage. It is relatively inexpensive compared to magazine ads or commercials.

However, some of the disadvantages of direct mail include how some may view it as “junk mail” right from the start. Some might not give it a chance to open itself up to them and explain what it is the mail is intended to explain. Instead, it ends up in the garbage… Also the fact that we as individuals are faced with advertisements all day long. When we see some direct mail addressed to us that looks like junk mail we trash it. We are already so overwhelmed with the amount of advertisements we have faced throughout the day we have no want for anymore, hence the message is not received.


So all in all, there are good and bad aspects of direct mail. You just have to figure out if the bad will outweigh the good in your circumstances.




Compare and Contrast the use for Public Relations Practitioners of modern communication tools and traditional communication tools.

The differences between modern communication and traditional communication tools is vast. In the latter days, people would use communication tools such as face to face connections and newspapers. Now-a-days it is all about social media and how much exposure you can gain on those social media outlets. It is no longer about reaching the public through just one/or a few mediums but now about how many mediums you can reach them through.


Why do you think the relationship between Public Relations Practitioners and Journalists is the way that it exists today when the first PR Practitioners were those who had careers in journalism?

I do not think you can succeed in the PR world without a sense of some sort of journalism experience. Journalism plays a huge role in public relations. Without it you would not be proficient in telling/selling your product through print. In PR you do not always have the ability to communicate with someone one on one so it is so important to have that ability to communicate with someone through print as well.