Why is the relationship with the media so important to Public Relations Professionals?

Social Media. The social part of social media would be us. We, the people. Public relations revolves around the people and what they think of the product/person/advertisement you are promoting. Having that relationship with the media is very important for Public Relations Professionals. In order to promote the item/person you are attempting to promote, you need the social media outlet to do so.

Without that relationship the PR Professionals wouldn’t have any of the social media outlets to connect with the public, or any means of using any sort of media to gain that relationship.


About sensationallysamantha

Hey y'all. My name is Samantha and I am a Georgia Southern Eagle, majoring in Public Relations. I am a very outgoing spirit and have a deep love and passion for dealing with people. I thrive off of conversing and listening in group settings or just one on one.

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