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Why is the relationship with the media so important to Public Relations Professionals?

Social Media. The social part of social media would be us. We, the people. Public relations revolves around the people and what they think of the product/person/advertisement you are promoting. Having that relationship with the media is very important for Public Relations Professionals. In order to promote the item/person you are attempting to promote, you need the social media outlet to do so.

Without that relationship the PR Professionals wouldn’t have any of the social media outlets to connect with the public, or any means of using any sort of media to gain that relationship.


PR on the rise.



Why do you think Public Relations is such a rapidly growing field?

Two words. Social Media.

With the emergence of the Internet, new and valuable resources for PR professionals are becoming readily available. As the nation’s most frequently used resource for information, the Internet provides communication to millions of Americans every day.

This provides a cheap and easy outlet for PR professionals to use to convey their messages and also provides an outlet for our consumers to voice their opinions on, which in turn gives our PR practitioners another way to study and immediately retrieve information on public opinion that may have otherwise been unknown or inaccessible.

With all this technology coming out, a greater need for PR professionals comes with it.

“Communication is Power.”


Discuss the sentence / thought: “Communication is Power.”

According to Manuel Castells, author of Communication Power, The mass media (including web-based media) has become the space where political and business power strategies are played out; power now lies in the hands of those who understand or control communication.

I agree with this fullheartedly. Communication is power. I don’t think people understand the amount of power that lies in the hands of those who control the communication. Advertising, in one form or another, will appear in any society where there is someone applicable to witness and receive its message. Through that encoding and decoding of the message, that advertising gains a power over the individual/s that even they might not even be aware of.

You can gain multiple aspects of power through communication, whether it be a rhetoric form of communication or just a good ole face to face conversation.

Plato defined rhetoric as, “the art of winning the soul by discourse.” With just this sentence alone one can see and feel how much power communication can hold.

Winning the soul. To me, this sounds a lot like what advertising attempts to do. Communication through advertising tries to win your thought process over. And they do just that. Even if you are not aware that it is happening, they gain a power over you.

Communication is power.