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PR Practitioners vs. The Media


Discuss the relationship between PR Practitioners and the media.

To me, PR practitioners and the media coincide with each other. Each outlet needs the other outlet in order to work. About 70% of all public relations effort is devoted to marketing. Essentially, this is product promotion. Two major ways that products are promoted through public relations are first, straightforward media relations, and second, product placement. In order for the PR practitioner to get their product out there they need the media and the medias outlets. Without the media, PR practitioners would have no means to inform the consumers about their products or information.

As for the media, without PR practitioners, the media would have no way to use its sources to get to the consumers. PR practitioners are the medias outlet to release all its information to the public.

So to me, PR practitioners and the media need each other in order to communicate what they need to communicate to the public.


Newsworthy News.

Discuss the concept of news. What makes information newsworthy?
To me, newsworthy news consists of a few basis attributes. The news needs to be timely, exciting, eye-catching, prominent, significant, and sometimes conflicting.
If you are scrolling through a local news lineup you are not going to stop scanning until your eyes catch something that excite or entice you. It is just our nature.
The word news means exactly that – things which are new to the world or your community. News can travel by word of mouth, across the Internet, and through many other mass media outlets. It is almost impossible to not have any news. Even if we didn’t have all these media outlets to take advantage of, we would still have person to person communication and that in itself could be considered news. News will always exist in some form.
Now what makes information newsworthy?

Newsworthiness is a thought or judgment on the subject at hand, whereas news is just a thing. Personally, I believe you can make just about anything ‘newsworthy’. Who is to say something that is not interesting to one individual, might not be to another? Everybody has different aspects on what is interesting and/or newsworthy.

Now there are some basic fundamentals that need to be present in the news. For example, the timing needs to be current, the signifigance to the selected audience needs to be on key, the news needs to be prominent, and it needs to include things that you think will capture the most human interest. All in all, news will be news. It will be everywhere and anywhere, it is just up to you to figure out what kind of news you want to find.


The importance of having a uniform system of citation


For your next blog post, discuss the need to have a uniform system of citation and writing by different professionals. Why is it important to have this uniformity? For example: Journalists use AP Style, Researchers use MLA or APA, and Attorneys use a uniform system for court documents and legal briefs

Picture yourself  having an ‘over the phone’ interview with a company you have been dying to work for. You do the interview and feel rather confident in your chances of getting the job, and then the interviewee just hangs up the phone. No farewells or information on when they will be getting back to you about your interview. Nothing. They just hang up. Confused? Well those types of situations would happen everyday if we didn’t have a system of uniformity. We use uniform systems for just about every aspect of life. They are the norms of social behavior. Now imagine having an entire language with no uniform system. That would be pure chaos. Weather or whether? Because or since? Farther or further? Comma or no comma? Ahhh! It’s enough to make anyone crazy.

Having a uniform system of citation and writing is a necessity. There are so many different types of audiences writers could be writing to, and having that universal system of understanding not only for their readers but for their fellow journalists is so very important.
Having a universal system that everyone uses for publication also makes things so much easier. If you need to write an article about a Senator and you aren’t sure how protocol for the term ‘Senator’ goes then you can simply just look it up in your AP Style book. No searching around or wondering. It’s right there at the tip of your fingertips!